Who are We?

This is about Code Shelver. Well, mostly me. I’m Blair, and I’ll be running the show here. My brother Josh will be a featured regular. While I love writing, he loves talking. He loves opinions even more. That’s what we have in common. (Well, that and basically all of our genes- did I mention we were twins?)

We love opinions.

And we have a lot of them. Social, political, culinary, artistic! You name it. Me, I have a super strong moral code. Even as a little kid, I would be the one who would run ALL THE WAY to the back of the Blockbuster video just to put a video cassette (remember those?) back where it belonged. I didn’t want that poor ole box to get lonely on top of the popcorn display! And even though I hadn’t had my first job yet, I knew instinctively that SOMEONE would have to put that movie back where it belonged. So it might as well be the person who moved it. Or, in our case, his twin sister.

Flash forward ten years.

In highschool, Josh, that kind and charming fella, would occasionally bend the rules just a teeny, weeny bit. He would somehow convince the teacher that a test was open notes, winning him 20 new best friends.

I, sitting in the front row, would get an A without using them, just to prove a point.

Well, our parents have had just about enough of our moralistic debates over dinner. “Take it outside!” Dad said. “No!” said mom. She’s a pacifist. And works in IT.

“Take it online.”

Thus, Code Shelver was born. Sometimes Codes need to be upheld, and sometimes, according to Josh, they need to be temporarily “put on the shelf.”

May the best twin win.