You make or break my day

You make or break my day

Ever had that feeling of having that one VERY person who is so powerful with your life that it can make or break your day?

Yes I have that person. I have always been very independent and really such a loner then suddenly, a person came then just meant the whole world to me.

I sure know, that I can live with or without that person but I’d rather not. I have chosen to be with this person everyday, every day of my life that yes, I made him my other half, which makes me sad when he’s sad, extra happy when he’s happy. I love it when we get along well, talk about stories and stuff. Sometimes we fight, we argue and throw tantrums with each other, those days are more likely to be avoided but I appreciate those still, for given those low moments make us appreciate the coping and catching up days too.

As we lay down and watch random movies online, we came across a movie with a king giving a gift to his queen, this looks like a music box to me, when opened, this played their song. Unconsciously, I asked him, do we have “Our Song,” too? We have been together for quite a while and yet I still can’t recall any song, specifically dedicated to us. I was just trying to make him laugh and just waited for him to tell me that, I’m funny then move along to another chit-chat topic but, I was surprised when he answered: “I have something in mind, I wouldn’t want you to laugh but I will tell it to you, soon.” I just smiled and said, “I guess that is just an excuse, you just want me to not feel bad that you can’t think of any.” So then the topic has passed and we just finished watching the movie.

Then the morning came, I hurried waking up, to make our breakfast, this time I cooked eggs, yes simple fried egg and bread, Wahaha I am a little lazy, to just make it extra special, I added slices of cheese and just gleamed a big smile when I gave it to him I said, “Breakfast in BED!!” “Surprise!” Yes my surprise is just an egg. LOL He usually loves all the cook I prepared and just be happy with whatever I give him. I’m such a lucky girl, LOL.

He didn’t touch the food but he just, took me in our office room (where all the stuff we use for work is placed.) I frowned then for he didn’t give any attention to my (almost specialty breakfast,LOL) but when we got inside the room, he whispered “Surprise…” I saw a big tarpaulin, with a big LOGO “OUR SONG” is written. The title is “The Truth” (Yeah, google it guys if you want to) But the lyrics printed out gave me chills, just, reading the lines “If you wanna know the truth, you make or break my day…” Oh my, I can still recall the feeling.


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