A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Fountain

I was on a date (yes, a date) with that guy Vance. Don’t get any funny ideas, we were just hanging out. He was telling me stories about college and how he ended up moving back to San and working in Tech. (Ha, Tech-as. Get it? Texas?)

Anyhoo, seeing each other has been really great. I feel much more prepared to take this next step in my life. He’s outlined some things that he would do differently if he could go back to college, which no one else I know has done.

First, he said:

  • Do the cheesy shit. Because in ten years, when you’ve grown out of thinking things are cheesy, you will really regret not going for it. This means flash mobs, choruses, jam sessions and any kind of open mic.
  • DO OPEN MICS. He said that if he’s learned one thing loud and clear since college, its that every single job requires certain commonalities. Success requires people to share themselves without shame. An open mic, and really any kind of performance, is an opportunity to do just that.
  • Don’t get married. Unless you know so deep in your bones and on every level-spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, EVERYTHING- that it is a GREAT decision. (honestly I think he was projecting here because I would never get married so young.)
  • Professors are people. Don’t be scared of them. They can be your friends, you can not like some of them, and its fine. It’s normal. Appreciate them as being genuine human beings and focus on what you can learn. “People before personalities.”
  • Study abroad. It’s a great chance to travel before the next phase of life in one grows a business and might not have the funds or the time to wander along European side streets and party with questionable strangers.
  • Keep your dreams in site every day. Big ones. They’re coming. Get used to being magnificent.

Smart guy, right? Maybe if he writes back to my snail-mail letters while I’m away, I’ll come back for a cuddle over Christmas break.

In other news, we just got one of those reverse osmosis water filters¬†and I am AMPED. I’ve been wanting one for years. Why my parents had to wait til I was on the verge of moving out, I don’t know. But at least it will help me get healthy and loose a bit of baby fat before college. I’m thinking of asking if we can install one in my dorm when I get to school, but maybe the water in Vermont is perfect anyway.

Things with Josh are good, but busy. I haven’t seen him much these days, which I have mixed feelings about. I can tell that he’s happy, which is a blessing, because it hurts me to see him all angsty and shit. But I also wish we could keep our closeness. I could make more of an effort.

You know what? I WILL! I’m going to see what he’s doing right now and see if we can’t do something siblingy, like catch a movie or go to the pet store and play with a puppy.


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