Oh. My. God.

Grab your copy of Goldfinch because I WAS ACCEPTED TO BENNIGTON. Yep. Already. I’m going to graduate early and then move to Vermont.

How did this happen? Well, some guy on Uncle Vance’s carpet¬†cleaning service¬†apparently went there! I have to admit, part of me was a little put off. But I know-check your privilege. Every job is important, and just because someone is working with their hands to make an environment beautiful doesn’t mean they are any less brilliant or creative as someone who sits at a desk writing. Well, that’s what this guy, Victor, actually does. He’s the PR/ Graphic Design/ Social Media guy for Done Right, and according to Uncle Vance he is really talented.

Victor overheard Vance bragging to someone that I was looking at colleges already, and when he heard that it was his Alma Mater, he got excited. He asked Vance for my number.

Not surprisingly, Vance almost didn’t give it to him. I mean this guy is just too old to be talking to me and just too young. I think he’s like thirty, which is almost double my age. My uncle is really conservative, but he let him get my email.

Vance emailed me this:

“Hello, young lady! I hear you’re interested in BC. I commend you. Your nose has lead you in the right direction. My years there were golden, and the people I met still reach out. Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself and where you’re going in this glorious life. Maybe I can be of some help to you.”

The young lady thing was funny. Pretty old-fashioned, but nice. I wrote to him back about how I’m editor of the newspaper and I am a great archer and love to read. I also told him about my dreams. I want to publish books. I want to learn violin. I want to learn to read Greek. Mostly, I want to be around people who are smarter than I am so that I can grow in the ways I can’t even think of now.

I guess what I said made a good impression on him. He wrote a letter recommending me, and just like that, they did. They said yes, I mean.

I should probably end the post here in case anyone in my family ever sees this (seriously mom if you’re reading, don’t tell you’re brother in law) but I Facebook stalked Vance and he is REALLLLLYYYY CYUUUTTTEEE. i just got so girly. I just have to say, thirty sounds really old but his face looked young. Like he could be a teenager or something.

And- I can’t believe I’m admitting to this online but I just have to get it off my chest- I friended him.

And he friended me.

And we chatted.


Breathe. I’m sure he would never think of me as anything but a kid. And I don’t know what I would even say, since when I went to a college party with my cousin Mariah I felt like such a kid. Vance and I though, we really had a rapor going in Facebook chat. He loves Donna Tartt, too. He heard her talk at the school for a commencement. (SHouldn’t that word mean “beginning,” not graduation? I don’t get it.

Unless….. the “commencement” is referring to life. Not school. That actually makes a lot of sense).

So, I think it’s gonna be good. I know it is.

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