Back from Tour

Bennington was UH-MAY-ZING.

I am going there. I don’t care what happens. I may apply to twenty five other schools, but I am going there.


It was this magical feeling when I walked on campus. It reminded me of when I was a young girl and I would go to one of those preserved mansions, where you walk along red-roped hallways and poke your head into rooms that haven’t been changed for a hundred years. Like the Biltmore, in North Carolina with my cousins, before they moved to Texas. That was one I went to more recently, in middle school. I can’t remember the names of the other ones. But I remember walking in and just KNOWING in my heart that I had BEEN THERE BEFORE.

Haters will say its just cultural memory. Like with the Titanic, or Salem witch trials. These are all events that stirred memories for me when I learned about them in school. Cynics say, its just your imagination. But if every cup of water has at least one molecule that passed though Napoleon Bonaparte’s body, then why wouldn’t intense, world-altering events remain in out emotional memory?

Anyway, I knew I belonged there. The dappled light, the cozy library, the rolling hills. The focused students, the gentle and energetic professors. Every nerve in my body said YES YES YES.

I’m so happy. 😀

Did I mention I’m here in Texas? Yep. Of all places. We’re celebrating new years with the Marks. Jen’s away doing a semester abroad in PARIS! So the house it pretty quiet. Uncle Vance’s carpet cleaning business is going really well, though, so there a really good feeling in the air. I went with him to the office and it smelled so nice. We really need to get our carpets cleaned back home, because I felt such a sense of calm in a spic and span environment like that. Mom is a great housekeeper, on top of her main career, but I think she should give in and hire a pro now and then. If only so she can relax a bit. Maybe I’ll even surprise her and pay for it. Get Josh to go halvsies ;).


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